Allison Hines & John Finley Mangialardi

NOVEMBER 10, 2018

Woodland by Spode
$47         Dinner Plate
$33        Salad Plate
$46        Ascot Bowl
$44        Mug

Lismore by Waterford
$80        Ice Beverage
$75        Goblet
$80        DOF

Quotidien White Truffle by Juliska
$32        Dinner Plate
$30        Salad Plate
$18        Side Plate
$28        Cereal Bowl
$30        Pasta Bowl
$24        Mug

Carine by Juliska
$29        Hiball
$25        DOF

Ascot by Ricci
$70       5pc Place Setting
$29       Place Knife
$17        Place Fork
$17        Place Spoon
$12        Teaspoon
$12        Salad Fork

Likes:Gold Annieglass, Face Pitcher, Pewter, Recycled Glass Serving Pieces, Rosewood Steak Knives, Round Wood Cutting Board, Gold Frame with Leaves, White Crocodile Frame with Gold Trim, Foliage Teaspoons, White Linen Napkins, Navy Linen Napkins, 10oz Geo on the Rocks, Deer Decanter, Wood Coasters, Rabbit Wine Stopper, Horn Bottle Opener, White Dog with Baskets, Clear Spheres, Wine Glass Vases, Reidel Wines (stem and no stem)